Lee Terry ad: Terry votes to cut spending while his opponent wants trillions more spent. Terry votes to keep our tax cuts in place while his opponent takes three different positions on the issue - all of which increase taxes.


Real people talk about Lee Terry’s support for Medicare.


John Ewing say he has cut spending as treasurer. The facts are the opposite - he has deficit spent by $688,000.


This ad contrasts Lee Terry’s support for cutting spending and the debt with his opponent’s positions.


Ad contrasts Lee Terry’s votes to cut trillions of dollars in spending with John Ewing’s support for trillions more in spending.


On June 2 I was honored to be allowed to speak at the Sarpy County Republican Convention about the importance of winning in November.


U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s campaign has hit the airwaves with a thirty second television commercial that details the congressman’s strong conservative record on cutting spending.
The ad points to Terry’s record of voting 157 times to cut an additional $7 trillion in spending.  His support for a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget and his opposition to
the $1.7 billion federal healthcare law enacted in 2010 are also highlighted.
“We can’t keep spending money that we don’t have. It’s bankrupting this country and it’s ruining our kids’ futures,” Terry says in the ad.