Terry focused on November

By Robnyy Tysver /WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER | Posted: Monday April 19, 2010

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry of Nebraska got a scare in 2006 when a young and cash-strapped candidate named Jim Esch came within 10 points of unseating him.

Since then, Terry, a Republican, has taken no challenger for granted.

Not in the primary, and not in the general election.

Terry has been shoring up his base this primary season and is expected to survive a challenge from Republican Matt Sakalosky, a long shot who is a supporter of the tea party movement.

Terry also has been raising cash in anticipation of what could be a tough re-election fight against a well-financed Democratic challenger, Tom White.

White may be one of the strongest challengers to try unseating Terry as the representative of the 2nd Congressional District, although White faces a national political climate that observers say could be tough for any Democrat.

The Nebraska primary is May 11. The winner of the Terry-Sakalosky contest will face White, a state senator, in November. White is unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

Terry, who has barely acknowledged Sakalosky in public and refused to debate the newcomer, has been busy attending several campaign functions each week. He also has been wooing tea party supporters at rallies and forums.

In addition, Terry has been targeting Republican voters with direct mail.

Sakalosky also has been busy, going door to door in neighborhoods on weekends.

Still, with three weeks left in the campaign, the Omaha business consultant has little time left to build name recognition. He does not appear to have the cash for either mail or TV ads.

Sakalosky had raised about $21,000 and had $189 in the bank as of March 31. Terry had raised more than $1 million and had $633,000 in the bank.

“We're going straight to the voters. We're not going to buy their vote,” Sakalosky said.

Having a challenger has forced Terry to spend cash in the primary when he would have preferred to save it for the race against White, said Doug Parrott, a GOP political observer.

“It would have been easier, when you're an incumbent, not to have to worry about anyone in the primary,” Parrott said.

David Boomer, Terry's campaign manager, declined to say how much the campaign expects to spend in the primary but said Terry will have plenty of money left to compete against White.

Terry and White have been busy building war chests over the past six months.

As of March 31, White had $460,000 in the bank.

For the most part, Terry and White have kept their powder dry. That is expected to change soon.

The general election race is expected to be competitive, with both candidates tied to what is going on in Washington, D.C.

Terry will portray White as a generic Democrat who would go to Congress and fall in line behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama.

“Why would someone vote for someone who is going to enable Nancy Pelosi?” Terry asked.

White countered that a fresh face is needed in Washington and said it is time to send Terry home after six terms.

He said the frustration many people express with politicians today is directed at incumbents such as Terry and not merely at the Democrats, who have majorities in both houses of Congress.

He also argued that any attempt to brand him as a liberal will fail.

“I'm never afraid to take on people in my own party if I think they're wrong,” said White, who recently battled Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, a fellow Democrat, over a sales tax proposal involving Omaha sewer bills.


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Terry-White health care battle ahead

By DON WALTON / Lincoln Journal Star | Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010

Omaha's congressional district will be a health care reform battleground this election year.

But Republican Rep. Lee Terry said Monday he's not ready to frame his contest with Democratic challenger Tom White as a referendum on the health care plan enacted by the House Sunday evening.


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March 19, 2010: OMAHA

Liberals in Congress continue to ram their government takeover of health care through Congress. I've talked to moms, seniors and business owners from different parts of Omaha and they all say this is a bad bill. They are right! The liberals in Washington are trying to convince the American people that this bill will cost $940 billion over ten years.

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Congressman Terry Holds Campaign Kickoff

February 21, 2010: OMAHA (KPTM)

With last year being a difficult one in Washington D.C. Congressman Lee Terry hopes to help secure America's future with another term.

The republican held a 2010 campaign kickoff Sunday afternoon at the Police Union Hall...

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Terry says stimulus didn't work

Published Thursday February 18, 2010: By Robynn Tysver, WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER

Republican Rep. Lee Terry joined colleagues across the nation Wednesday in criticizing the year-old economic stimulus bill, saying it created few jobs.

Terry said the $787 billion stimulus package — pushed by President Barack Obama to bolster the nation’s struggling economy — was a "government growth bill" that provided little help to Nebraska businesses.

Across the nation, Republicans and Democrats were holding dueling press conferences and releasing dueling press releases debating the merits of the stimulus bill...

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Congressmen to seek re-election

Published Wednesday February 17, 2010: By Robynn Tysver, WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER

All three of the state's congressmen — Reps. Lee Terry, Adrian Smith and Jeff Fortenberry — have filed for re-election.

In addition, four of the state's five constitutional officers have filed for re-election: Gov. Dave Heineman, Attorney General Jon Bruning, State Auditor Mike Foley and Secretary of State John Gale.

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28 House Seats Move towards GOP

Rothenberg Political Report January 25, 2010

After a stunning GOP Senate win in Massachusetts and a slew of new polls showing many Democratic incumbents in trouble, it’s hard to argue with the obvious: the Republicans unquestionably have momentum as 2010 begins.

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Terry leads White in fundraising

Published Wednesday January 28, 2010: By Robynn Tysver, WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER

Republican Rep. Lee Terry appears to have a tailwind at his back as he enters 2010, especially after raising a solid $281,000 in the final months of last year.

Democrat Tom White raised $176,000 in the fourth quarter of last year, according to campaign finance reports released Wednesday by the candidates.

Terry, the six-term incumbent, and White, a state senator, are battling for the Omaha-based 2nd Congressional District seat.

The election is set for Nov. 2.

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Terry says he's in sync with voters

By DON WALTON / Lincoln Journal Star | Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Advantage, Lee Terry.

That's what the Omaha congressman believes.

Terry says his views are in sync with voters in his battleground district.

"Big government is going to be a big issue," Terry says, and that will fit into his voting record opposing federal growth.

erry says he's in sync with voters

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