Congressman Terry Holds Campaign Kickoff

February 21, 2010: OMAHA (KPTM)

OMAHA (KPTM)- With last year being a difficult one in Washington D.C. Congressman Lee Terry hopes to help secure America's future with another term.

The republican held a 2010 campaign kickoff Sunday afternoon at the Police Union Hall,

where he addressed current issues facing congress. They include the need for more fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget and energy independence. Those are things he believes were not accomplished by frivolous spending.

Terry says the Cap and Trade Bill and American Recovery Reinvestment Act were a hit and miss that added to the national debt. The congressman also made remarks about Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. He said it's hard for people to trust congress, when bills are crafted behind closed door meetings. If elected Terry said he will call for more checks and balances.

"People want to be involved, they want people to tell them the truth and be up front. We haven't had that this year," Terry said. "There were a lot of times where I went onto the house floor and engaged in debate and walked away saying, I'm glad I am the one here this year, instead of someone else there helping Speaker Pelosi do all of this to us."

State Senator Tom White of Omaha, who is also a candidate for congress, released the following statement in response to Terry's announcement.

"If you want to change Washington, change the people you send there. I look forward to contrasting my record of independent, effective leadership in the Nebraska Legislature with Mr. Terry's record in Washington. In Congress, I'll do exactly what I've done in the Legislature: work with members of both parties to reduce taxes, create jobs, and find sensible solutions for the challenges facing Nebraska families."

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