March 19, 2010: OMAHA

Liberals in Congress continue to ram their government takeover of health care through Congress. I've talked to moms, seniors and business owners from different parts of Omaha and they all say this is a bad bill. They are right! The liberals in Washington are trying to convince the American people that this bill will cost $940 billion over ten years.

Here's the reality check-this irresponsible legislation includes 10 years worth of taxes and ten years of Medicare cuts to pay for six years of spending, so the actual cost is $2.4 trillion dollars. This will lead to more debt for our country, which we can't afford!

Other frightening facts about this awful piece of legislation:

• Increases entitlement spending by nearly $1 trillion, which is $65 billion more than what was in the Senate version

• Increases taxes on families, workers and small business owners by more than $500 billion

• Cuts Medicare, a program desperately needed by millions of seniors, by more than $500 billion.

• Increases health care premiums

• Includes special backroom deals for certain Congressional districts

• Puts bureaucrats in charge of your health care

Reform is needed. We must control costs, increase access to those who are without coverage and put an end to re-existing condition restrictions. I am opposed to the government taking over our current Free-market health care system. When the government steps in, you lose your right to chose. I introduced the Simple Universal Healthcare Act, which would allow the uninsured to opt in to a program similar to what Members of Congress have. My plan allows you to pick a plan that fits your needs, keep your doctor and puts you in control of your healthcare instead of a Washington bureaucrat.

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