Lee Terry Scores a Perfect 100% in Protecting the Unborn

Omaha, NE “I am blessed and honored to once again have the endorsement of National Right to Life,” said Congressman Lee Terry after he received a letter from the organization. “There really is nothing more important than standing up and fighting to protect Americans who have yet to be born.”

In endorsing Terry for his reelection, National Right to Life also awarded him a 100-percent perfect score for his voting record in the 113th Congress.

“This stands in stark contrast to my opponent, Brad Ashford,” Terry continued. “In recent action in the Nebraska Legislature, he blocked an effort to help protect women from being coerced into an abortion (LB 1032), and he even tried to block a new law that requires doctors to be present when a woman undergoes a drug-induced abortion (LB 521). Those are just recent votes. Brad Ashford has always been a pro-abortion legislator. We’re making progress in protecting the rights of the unborn and I look forward to returning to Congress to keep up that fight.”