Lee Terry Receives Nebraska Farm Bureau Endorsement

OMAHA, NE - Today, Nebraska Farm Bureau endorsed Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE), over all other NE-02 congressional candidates for the 2014 election. The Friend of Agriculture designation is given to selected candidates for public office based on their commitment to and positions on agricultural issues, qualifications and previous experience, communication abilities and their ability to represent the district.

Rep. Lee Terry had the following comments on NRL’s endorsement:

“U.S. agriculture creates millions of jobs and ensures there is always American food on our plates,” said Rep. Terry. “This is why I have been proud to support responsible farm legislation as a Member of Congress. I am honored, the Nebraska Farm Bureau believes I am the right man to fight for Nebraska’s family farms and ranches.”

“Agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska and it’s also crucial to Omaha’s economic vitality through the large number of agribusiness and food companies that call Omaha home. Congressman Terry understands this and has worked hard on behalf of farmers and all the citizens of the district,” said Mark McHargue of Central City, chairman of NFBF-PAC and first vice president of Nebraska Farm Bureau.

The endorsement was made based in consideration of Terry’s record of supporting small businesses and promoting economic growth, McHargue said.

“He’s worked to help keep U.S. agriculture competitive in world markets and he stood with farmers in opposing efforts by the EPA to greatly expand their regulatory control over farms and ranches. From his opposition to new methane regulations on livestock producers to his efforts to stop the expansion of the Clean Water Act, Congressman Terry has been a true advocate for Nebraska’s farm and ranch families,” said McHargue.

Farm Bureau has also appreciated Congressman Terry’s work in support of renewable energy.

“Lee Terry has encouraged use of ethanol and other biofuels which is vitally important to Nebraska’s rural and state economy,” McHargue said.