Lee Terry for Congress Campaign Releases New Ad: “Andrea’s Story”

Omaha, NE - The Lee Terry for Congress campaign today released its second television ad of the campaign entitled, “Andrea’s Story.” The ad tells the story first reported by Omaha CBS affiliate KMTV of Andrea Kodad who said her family was satisfied with their coverage, but her provider sent her a letter saying their policy didn’t comply with the Affordable Care Act. Her only options were to be dropped or pay up.

Ad Script for “Andrea’s Story”

Andrea Kodad: My name is Andrea Kodad.

When I first saw the letter telling us that our old policy was going away, I was very, very concerned.

I knew immediately this was going to be a financial struggle for our family.

My monthly expenses were gonna go up, minimum, by $300 a month. Obamacare is not good for my family.

I’m grateful for what Congressman Terry is doing to fight Obamacare.

Lee Terry: I’m Lee Terry and I approve this message because we must repeal Obamacare.