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Monday, November 1, 2004


Congressman Lee Terry Legislative Accomplishments and Appropriations Highlights

Since coming to Congress in 1999, Congressman Terry has been actively involved in crafting legislation that has either passed or resulted in new policy by the Administration. There are at least 30 key legislative victories in which Congressman Terry has played a vital role.

H.R. 4520, Corporate Tax Reform Bill - Congressman Terry authored and worked to include a provision that provides tariff relief for utilities replacing certain nuclear power plant components. This provision saved Omaha Public Power District ratepayers approximately $500,000. Became law in October.

H.R. 4837, Military Construction Appropriations - Congressman Terry worked with House appropriators to include nearly $500,000 for a major runway modernization project at Offutt Air Force Base.

H.R. 1582, Increasing Telecommunications Service in Rural America - Congressman Terry introduced this bill to equitably distribute universal service support throughout rural America. While this bill has not yet been passed, it forced the FCC to act on the Non-Rural portion of the Universal Service Fund and award Nebraska $6 million in USF dollars it has not previously received.

H.R. 2825, the Consumer Access to Digital Television Enhancement Act of 2003, introduced by Congressman Terry, took the first major step in the transition to digital television. Now, most major entertainment components can communicate effectively with one another. Additionally, all digital television sets manufactured today have an icon in the front which shows that they are plug-n-play compatible - this icon is the result of Congressman Terry’s efforts.

Since 1999, there have been at least 83 projects or programs for which the House has approved funding, after receiving funding requests from Congressman Terry. Of those 83 projects or programs, 72 have become law.

Fiscal Year 2005 Appropriations:

  • $4.5 million for Omaha-based 21st Century Systems’ SituSpace software for the U.S. Army;
  • $895,000 recommendation for Nebraska State Patrol’s efforts to combat methamphetamine (not yet law);
  • As co-chairman of the House Impact Aid Coalition, helped secure an additional $21 million in Impact Aid and maintain $35 million as the Pentagon’s portion of this funding that supports schools educating the children of military families (not yet law).

Since 1999, there have been 210 pieces of legislation either sponsored or cosponsored by Congressman Terry that were passed by the full House, according to the non-partisan Legislative Information System. Exactly 67 of those were passed by both the House and Senate, and 50 have become public law.

Congressman Terry currently has 13 pieces of legislation pending in the House of Representatives.

  • H.R. 2978, to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide an exclusion for gain from the sale of farmland to encourage the continued use of the property for farming.
  • H.R. 4502, provides for individuals to use distributions from an individual retirement plan, 401(k) plan, or 403(b) plan to purchase long-term care insurance.


Friday, October 29, 2004

Stunning new information:



During the 2004 legislative session, state Sen. Nancy Thompson was present in the Unicameral chamber but still failed to cast 42 votes on legislation and procedural matters, U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s campaign charged today.

"The more we’ve looked at Nancy’s missed votes, the more bizarre the whole thing becomes," said David Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager. "Now we’ve found that on 42 occasions, Nancy told the legislature’s Clerk to record her as being ‘present and not voting.’ My question is, if Nancy was present in the chamber, then why didn’t she vote?"

Research conducted by the Terry campaign shows Thompson missed 65 of 270 roll-call votes in the 2004 session—an absentee rate of 24 percent—or nearly one out of every four votes. By comparison, Congressman Terry racked up a near-perfect voting record of 98.3 percent this year.

"Clearly, Nancy Thompson let her congressional race interfere with, and take priority over, her legislative duties. Why would anyone think she would do things differently if elected to Congress?" Boomer asked.

Among the votes Thompson failed to cast while apparently sitting in the chamber on March 25, 2004, was final passage of LB 172, a measure eliminating a requirement that school districts provide 7-12 graders with written information about how to access the judicial bypass statute governing parental notification of abortions. The bill was the top priority in 2004 of Right-to-Life organizations.

"If Nancy was ‘present’ when LB 172 came up for a vote, then why didn’t she vote? Could it be that she didn’t want to take a stand for fear that she would anger one side or the other on the abortion issue? There is one other scenario that could have taken place. Nancy might have told the Clerk to register her being ‘present and not voting when, in fact, she actually left the State Capitol to work on her congressional race. If that is the case, then Nancy has lied and the public record of legislative proceedings is forever inaccurate," Boomer stated.

Friday, October 29, 2004

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses

Lee Terry in Second District Race

Omaha, NE - Today, U.S. Rep. Lee Terry announced the endorsement of the United States Chamber of Commerce in the race for the Second Congressional House seat.

"I have always worked hard for small businesses and their owners. I will continue to fight for expanded business opportunities in Nebraska and throughout the United States," Terry said.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business federation representing more than three million businesses and organizations of every size, sector and region. The organization honored Terry with its "Spirit of Enterprise Award" earlier this year.

"We believe that your re-election to the U.S. House will help produce sustained economic growth and promote America’s competitiveness in world markets," Thomas Donohue, President and C.E.O. of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said in an endorsement letter to Rep. Lee Terry.

Terry has also been recognized for his pro-business efforts by the following:

National Association of Manufacturers;
American Shareholder’s Association "Friend of the Shareholder Award";
Americans For Tax Reform "Hero of the Taxpayer Award"; and
Small Business Survival Committee "Small Business Advocate Award".
Terry has also been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business, National Small Business Association and Citizens against Government Waste.

October 28, 2004


OMAHA -- U.S. Rep. Lee Terry today said he will introduce legislation next year in Congress to make permanent three critical tax reductions that expire on December 31, 2005. The provisions provide tax relief to combat soldiers, offer employment to parents cycling off welfare, and provide state-of-the art computer equipment to schools.

"My opponent has said it is ‘complete fiscal insanity’ to make tax cuts permanent. What she doesn’t understand is that these tax reductions provide real assistance to people most in need. If they expire—which these three are scheduled to do at the end of next year—then people will be hit with tax increases. She may want to do that, but I think her policy is ‘complete fiscal insanity,’" Terry said.

The tax reductions that Terry proposes to make permanent include:

  • Permitting members of the military to include combat pay in the calculation of benefits under the Earned Income Credit;
  • Providing a tax credit of $2,400 to employers who hire parents transitioning off welfare programs to self-sufficiency;
  • Encouraging companies to donate computer technology and equipment to schools through tax credits on a portion of the equipment’s value.

"My opponent talks as if the benefits of tax reduction only accrue to Bill Gates. She’s wrong. My proposal will provide direct tax relief to the brave soldiers who are defending our nation in combat, assist parents who are becoming self-sufficient from welfare, and provide state-of-the-art computer technology to students so they can learn," Terry stated.

"I support those individuals who are serving our nation in combat. My opponent apparently wants to thank them by increasing their taxes. The difference between us could not be more clear," Terry said.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Terry Hails New Preventive Services Under Medicare
Opponent Says Program is "Bad Public Policy"

Omaha, NE - Today, Congressman Lee Terry discussed the Medicare Modernization Act during a breakfast for the Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver for a Day and at a speaking engagement at the Hickory Villa assisted living facility. The measure switches the focus of Medicare from reactive disease treatment to proactive disease prevention.

Lee Terry voted for the Medicare Modernization Act signed into law by President Bush. His opponent, Nancy Thompson, has said she would oppose the measure.

"Medicare concerns all of us. We need to shift the focus from disease treatment to proactive disease prevention. For years senior citizens have asked for this common sense approach," Terry said. "This wasn’t a perfect bill, but the preventative measures aspect of this legislation are a good step in the right direction.

The measure includes increased access to tests, education, counseling and referrals concerning vaccinations, mammography, pap/pelvic exams, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, bone mass measurement, glaucoma, cardiovascular, and medical nutrition therapy.

David Boomer, Terry’s Campaign Manager termed Thompson’s opposition to the measure as "complete fiscal insanity." He said, "providing upfront preventive services to seniors will have an incredible payback in savings. Apparently Ms. Thompson doesn’t understand this."


Nancy Thompson's misleading ad:

Know the Facts

Veterans for Lee


Nancy Thompson's latest attack ad against U.S. Rep. Lee Terry claims he voted to cut veterans health care by $25 billion. Their citation to support this claim is H. Con. Res. 95, adopted by the U.S. House on March 21, 2003.

FACT: The legislation cited in Thompson's ad INCREASED veterans spending

H. Con. Res. 95 was the fiscal 2004 budget resolution. Under the legislation, spending on veterans programs increased from $57.6 billion to $60.7 billion. That is a 5.4 percent increase , a level well above inflation. Any claim that Lee Terry voted to cut veterans programs by voting in favor of H. Con. Res. 95 is flat-out wrong.

FACT: Lee Terry has supported huge INCREASES in veterans programs and health care

Since Lee Terry entered the U.S. House, funding on veterans health care has jumped from $17.9 billion to $28.3 billion a 58 percent increase in six years. Funding for all veterans programs has likewise increased: from $42.8 billion in fiscal 1998 to $70.8 billion in fiscal 2005a 65 percent increase.

FACT: Veterans know Lee's recordand they SUPPORT him

The political action committee of the nation's largest organization of combat veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, has endorsed U.S. Rep. Lee Terry for reelection to Congress. In their endorsement letter, Mike Wysong, national chairman of the V.F.W.'s political action committee, stated:

Congressman Terry has proven to be a strong advocate for veterans and their families. He understands the need to take care of those who have protected and defended our great country, and he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the fight to improve the readiness, modernization, training and sustainability of our armed forces.

FACT: The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans specifically thanked members who voted in favor of the legislation cited in Thompson's ad. (News Release, Veterans Win Budget Battle, 3/25/2003)

September 24, 2004                                                                          





The political action committee of the nation's largest organization of combat veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, has endorsed U.S. Rep. Lee Terry for reelection to Congress in Nebraska 's second district, his campaign announced today.


I have garnered many endorsements in my campaign for reelection to Congress, Terry said, but I hold the support of the V.F.W. above all others. Quite simply, individuals who served our country in uniform are true heroes to me.


Mike Wysong, national chairman of the V.F.W.'s political action committee, stated: Congressman Terry has proven to be a strong advocate for veterans and their families. He understands the need to take care of those who have protected and defended our great country, and he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the fight to improve the readiness, modernization, training and sustainability of our armed forces.


John Liebsack, legislative chairman of Nebraska 's V.F.W., said: My organization has worked closely with Congressman Terry on many important issues. Lee Terry has been great for veterans, and I'm confident that this sentiment is overwhelmingly shared by my fellow members of the V.F.W.


Terry vowed to continue his support for veterans programs, pointing to dramatic increases in federal funding. Spending on veterans' programs, for example, is slated to increase from $61.5 billion to $70.8 billiona 15 percent jump in a single year. Terry also said he would continue to work closely with the Veterans' Medical Center in Omaha to ensure continued federal support for the facility.





July 27, 2004
        I have heard the concerns of many Nebraskans regarding the war in Iraq. I join them in praying that Iraq will become a stable, democratic and strong country and that all our soldiers return home safe. I am humbled and honored by the valiant sacrifice of our soldiers and their families to protect our nation.
       It would be a disservice to the United States if we withdrew from our mission in Iraq now. We would be undoing all the good we have brought to a country that was so entrenched in abuse. To withdraw would bring dishonor to those who have already made the ultimate sacrifice and it would discredit the United States’ reputation around the world, sending the message that we fail to follow through with our commitments and promises.
       I am deeply troubled by the misinformation of the intelligence that the President, the Senate and the House relied upon to make the decision to go to war. Changes must be made in our intelligence community. Equally, though, many have distorted the facts of this misinformation, too, implying intentional lying or deception. This is simply not the case. British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s recent remarks are a powerful and accurate portrayal of the situation and the decision to go to war:

“No one lied. No one made up the intelligence. No one inserted things into the dossier against the advice of the intelligence services. Everyone genuinely tried to do their best in good faith for the country in circumstances of acute difficulty. That issue of good faith should now be at an end…But I have to accept, as the months have passed, it seems increasingly clear that at the time of invasion, Saddam did not have stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons ready to deploy…
"I have searched my conscience, not in the spirit of obstinacy, but in genuine reconsideration in the light of what we now know, in answer to that question. And my answer would be that the evidence of Saddam’s WMD was indeed less certain, less well-founded that was stated at the time. But I cannot go from there to the opposite extreme. On any basis he retained complete strategic intent on WMD and significant capability. The only reason he ever let the inspectors back into Iraq was that he had 180,000 U.S. and British troops on his doorstep…
"Had we backed down in respect of Saddam, we would never have taken that stand we needed to take on WMD, never have got progress on Libya…and we would have left Saddam in charge of Iraq, with every malign intent and capability still in place and every dictator with the same intent everywhere immeasurably emboldened. For any mistakes made, as the report finds, in good faith, I of course take full responsibility. But I cannot honestly say I believe getting rid of Saddam was a mistake at all.*”


Blair has been a true friend to the United States and I commend his leadership in standing firm next to the decision to rid Iraq of a tyrannical dictator. The United States must continue to do the same.

* qtd. in The Washington Post, Friday, July 16, 2004

July 15, 2004


U.S. Rep. Lee Terry reported two key developments today in his campaign for re-election to Congress: a new poll shows he enjoys a wide 29-point lead over his opponent while, at the same time, reporting $605,000 in cash on hand as of June 30, 2004.

The poll, conducted for Terry's campaign by the firm of Public Opinion Strategies on July 12-13, gives the incumbent Republican congressman a lead of 57 percent to 28 percent over his opponent, state Senator Nancy Thompson. Libertarian candidate Jack Graziano garnered three percent with 11 percent undecided.

Meanwhile, Terry filed a report with the Federal Election Commission in Washington, D.C., that shows his campaign has banked $605,000an astounding amount of money for a Nebraska congressional race with a little more than three months to go until the election.

The latest poll and fundraising numbers confirm our view that Congressman Terry has a very strong base, is well-liked and respected by his constituents and is poised to win re-election on November 2nd. But we take nothing for granted, and will continue working 24/7 to bring the congressman's positive record of accomplishment to all the voters of the district, said David Boomer, Terry's campaign manager.

Public Opinion Strategies Poll

POS, a nationally respected polling firm whose clients include U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, surveyed 400 likely voters in Nebraska's Second district on July 12-13. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

Among key findings, the poll shows that Terry, a three-term congressman, is viewed favorably by 62 percent of those responding and unfavorably by 23 percent. Terry's name identification is a near universal 97 percent

July Quarterly Report

Regarding Terry's campaign fund of $605,000, Boomer said: Cash-on-hand is the key indicator of a campaign's ability to spread its message to the voters. We will have the financial resources to reach all of the voters in Nebraska's second district multiple times over the next 110 days.

In today's filing with the Federal Election Commission, Terry's campaign reported raising $148,500 for the period of April 22 through June 30.


Published Wednesday - Omaha World Herald
May 26, 2004

Hastert should listen [to Terry]


Tax incentives for rural co-ops, public power are a good idea

even before energy law is passed.


      U.S. Rep. Lee Terry is right on the mark in pushing for the inclusion of energy tax incentives in a corporate tax reform bill being considered in the House.

      Terry lobbied House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., to include what are called "tradable tax credits" for public power companies and rural electric cooperatives that take advantage of renewable energy sources.

      The energy tax incentives obviously don't stand in for a complex and comprehensive national energy bill, which should set national policy on the right pathway to future energy development and use. That measure failed to pass last year, but it is still in the hopper.

      The incentives proposed by Terry would boost clean-coal technologies and encourage hybrid motor vehicles, he said. In the absence of a broad energy policy package, a smaller measure targeted at the efficient public-power sector and vital rural electric cooperatives would be well worth doing.

      Let's hope Hastert's mind is open to Terry's idea.

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