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Obama Keeps Nebraska on Political Map

Omaha, NE.- When Barack Obama made history last night, he also kept Nebraska in the national political spotlight.

The state continues to make noise from talk of a vice-presidential running mate, to a make or break electoral vote in November. And as we first reported last week, one Republican here is trying to catch the Obama wave.

First the Veepstakes: With all eyes on Obama's pick (will he pick Senator Clinton?) Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel is still on several short lists. But not according to Hagel. Hagel says he doesn't, " in speculation. I'm wrapping up my 12 years in the United States Senate. I don't anticipate being in any government next year."

Still Hagel's seen as a conservative who could pick up Republicans unhappy with McCain.

2nd District Republican Congressman Lee Terry likes McCain, but surprised many last week when he told Action 3 News he's looking for another voter. Terry says that's "The Obama-Terry voter. People who want the right kind of change."

A couple of e-mailers who describe themselves as Obama-Terry voters have contacted Action 3 New. Kate writes that she's "an average American, working and going to school." Don tells us: "I'm a conservative, I'm a Republican. I'll vote for Terry and Obama. I hate John McCain."

As for that one electoral vote.  If Obama beats McCain in Omaha, Obama will get at least one of Nebraska's five electoral votes.

In a close race that could matter.

Both sides insist that Obama and McCain will be coming here to fight for that vote.

Reported by Joe Jordan, [email protected]

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