I am pro-life and I support protecting life from the moment of conception.  I believe all life, in every stage of development, deserves to be safeguarded.  That is why I co-sponsored H.R. 1079, the RU-486 Suspension and Review Act, to suspend the abortion pill from reaching the pharmacy counters.  Not only do I disagree with the abortive features of this drug, but it also has been known to put a woman's health at risk.  I also have worked in Congress to provide more funding for abstinence education programs, to help stop unwanted pregnancies from occurring.  My vote in Congress will continue to uphold the dignity of human life.


I support federal help for small and medium-sized, family-owned-and-operated farms and ranches.  We must support and defend our rich tradition of family farming by helping small farmers survive lean times.  I support placing limits on the level of income eligible for federal assistance to ensure that help is available to those who need it most.  I also supported provisions in the Farm Bill, such as Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) and countercyclical payments to protect Nebraska’s small family farmers.

Arms Control/Disarmament

I support President Bush’s initiative to reduce nuclear stockpiles, but I am convinced that nuclear deterrence is a key strategy in maintaining our nation’s right to defend ourselves against rogue countries and terrorist groups.  As I see Iran develop nuclear capabilities, I know we must continue to be able to defend ourselves against this threat.

Border Security

Our borders are too porous and September 11th demonstrated that the United States cannot afford to not know who is coming in and out of our country and for what purpose.  I voted for the tough House bill that puts more border patrol agents, properly equipped with advance detection technology, along our southern borders.  This bill also included tightening immigration laws that would stop the practice of catch and release.  Border security, including our ports, has to be a national priority.  


We are a connected world and business is moving at a high speed.  Rural America can not be left out of the emerging high speed global economy.  That is why I have written H.R. 5072, The Universal Service Reform Act of 2006, with Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va), to use the current universal service fund to roll out broadband technology to rural America.  In addition, I have led the way in protecting consumer interests on the road to national HDTV standards.

Drug Reimportation

I will support drug reimportation legislation if and only if the Secretary of Health and Human Services is required to certify that reimportation is possible without jeopardizing the health of Americans.  While I believe in Americans' consumer rights, the safety and wellbeing of the American people is of greater concern to me.  I will continue to work to find ways to make prescription drugs more affordable for the American family.

Earmark Reform

Congress must stop funding bridges to nowhere and rainforests in Iowa.  These are classic examples of “pork” and pet projects of a senator or congressman.  I believe earmark reform must be a priority to end this abuse of public dollars and exploitation of the earmark process.  Earmarks (specified projects) are a normal course of business for federal agencies.  For example, the new runway for Offutt Air Force Base was an earmark that was appropriate.  The project was specified by the Air Force in its five-year plan, authorized by Congress, and then earmarked in the military appropriations bill.  That is the proper process for an earmark and should be the basis of earmark reform in Congress.


Of all the issues that are fundamental to creating a brighter future for America, education is the most important.  Congress’ commitment to education must be unconditional, for we are shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.  That is why I have voted for legislation to increase contribution limits for education savings accounts and to make them available for grades K through 12.  I voted for No Child Left Behind (NCLB), although there are provisions in this legislation that need to be improved.  That is why I have introduced H.R. 1177, the State and Local Education Flexibility Act, which gives more local control over education, better acknowledges our teachers' tireless efforts, and encourages developing better techniques to help a child learn.  It also improves NCLB to better monitor the progress of Limited English Proficient and special education students.  This bill has been endorsed by the American Association of School Administrators and the National Association of Elementary School Principles.  Furthermore, I have consistently voted to help make higher-education more affordable for families by keeping student loan interest rates low.


I support efforts to increase the nation’s energy independence.  I am a leading advocate for hydrogen fuel cell research, the I am working to finding alternatives to traditional oil-based energy is critical to our economic future as well as our national security.  Below are just some of the provisions I worked to include in the 2005 Energy Bill:

I also supported the Gasoline for America’s Security Act (H.R. 3893) to expedite the construction of new refineries in the United States.  A step absolutely necessary to help ease the strain of high gas prices.


I am embarrassed by the egregious, unlawful conduct of Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-Ca.), and Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.), who violated the public’s trust.  That is why I introduced The Public Trust and Accountability Act, to deny federally funded pensions to a member of Congress who is convicted of asking for or accepting bribes.  I am proud that this provision was included in H.R. 4975, 527 Reform Act of 2006, that passed the House on May 3.

Faith-Based Initiative

I support efforts to facilitate participation by churches and religiously-affiliated institutions in government-funded anti-poverty programs.  Faith-based organizations have a much higher success rate than government programs in aiding the poor and needy by providing hope instead of just food and shelter.  Taxpayer dollars should be given to programs which have been proven effective, regardless of religious affiliation, as long as an individual has options and there are safeguards to protect the religious nature of faith-based charities.

Foreign Debt Relief

I support funding substantial and rapid debt reduction for poor nations that commit benefits to relieving poverty.  I have voted in favor of debt reduction in annual appropriations bills.  It is my hope that debt relief will help these countries in improving food production and medical care and reduce the impact of poverty on their people.

Health Care

American health care is the best in the world.  The development of cutting edge medical technology, techniques and research that saves lives and improves one's quality of life are created here in the United States.  However, these new techniques, technology and medications are expensive.  I believe Congress must adopt policies that help, not hurt, the ability of all Americans to access health care and make it more affordable.  I support allowing the self-employed to fully deduct the cost of their health insurance.  Health Savings Accounts put the patient in control of health care costs and helps small businesses afford coverage for their employees.  We must strengthen and eliminate abuse and fraud in Medicare to ensure its continued viability.  Also, I have supported legislation that allows small businesses to band together to purchase group health insurance for their employees.  I also have worked in Congress to get funding for area community health centers, such as the Charles Drew Health Center in North Omaha, to help those of lower-means access quality health care. 

Human Cloning

Human cloning is an exploitation of human life and I have consistently voted for banning all types of cloning.  That is why I am a co-sponsor for H.R. 1357, the Human Cloning Prohibition Act, to prevent such mistreatment of the human race.


Immigration is a pillar of our great nation and adds to the rich culture of American life.  However, illegal immigration violates our country's laws and poses a severe national security threat to our nation.  That is why I support a temporary guest worker program, not blanket amnesty, to provide a legal way for immigrants to come work in our country on a temporary basis.  A temporary guest worker program will allow the United States to know who is coming and going across our borders and provides a legal way for immigrants to come work in the jobs Americans do not want while allowing them to provide for their families.  A blanket amnesty policy would reward those who broke the law and be unfair to the millions of immigrants who worked hard to come to our country legally.


I am so proud of the brave efforts of our men and women in the United States' military.  Because of them, a tyrannical dictator is no longer in power and the Iraqi people have the hope to live in a free democracy.  I do not support immediate withdrawal of our troops.  Our military needs to remain to properly train Iraqi police and military in order to ensure stability in Iraq.  An Iraq where people can enjoy the freedoms you and I enjoy because of our democracy.  I am steadfast in my resolve to do all that is necessary to provide them with the tools and resources they need to finish the job and return home safely when their mission is complete.  However, I feel efforts must be made to shorten the length of their deployments.


I support traditional marriage between a man and woman.  I do not support same-sex marriage.

Patriot Act

I supported the Patriot Act because I believe this piece of legislation effectively balances keeping our nation safe while still protecting our civil liberties.  September 11th taught us that we cannot be passive in our intelligence gathering efforts.  The Patriot Act gives intelligence gatherers the tools and resources necessary to protect us from ever having to experience another attack on home soil.  However, I am concerned with the current Administration's use of surveillance techniques without having prior judicial review.

Securing Our Nation

I support our men and women in uniform, securing us from terrorists and securing the new Iraqi, democratically elected government.  The political debate today is whether or not to bring our troops home immediately.  I have voted twice against these “cut and run” resolutions, as it would ensure the collapse of the new government and possibly provide Al-Queda an oil rich nation to fund their terrorist attacks against the United States.  Furthermore, to “cut and run” would give the impression to the world that the United States is too weak to finish the job, which would hurt our ability to negotiate with Iran and North Korea.  We must finish the job, then bring our troops home.

Social Security

I believe Social Security must be preserved.  However, reforms must be made to the system in order to ensure its solvency.  I will support reforms which preserve Social Security for the long term, but make common-sense changes to the system in order to prevent the government from going broke paying benefits.  I support the creation of private accounts where Americans have more control over the money they earn and the planning of their retirement.

Stem Cell Research

Great advances have been made in the medical community using stem cell research in a way that does not involve the creation or destruction of human embryos to obtain stem cells.  Using these methods, such as cord blood stem cells or adult stem cells, stem cell research is done in an ethical way and in a manner that respects the dignity of human life.  This is why I voted for and co-sponsored H.R. 2520, the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act.  This provides additional funding for stem cell research that is performed ethically.  I have consistently voted against any use of American tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research.