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I support efforts to increase the nation’s energy independence.  I am a leading advocate for hydrogen fuel cell research, the I am working to finding alternatives to traditional oil-based energy is critical to our economic future as well as our national security.  Below are just some of the provisions I worked to include in the 2005 Energy Bill:

  • Increases in the production of ethanol and more forms of alternative fuel
  • Growing the nation’s natural gas supply through more liquefied natural gas, which will stabilize home energy costs
  • Encouraging the use of more energy efficient building materials through tax incentives
  • Establishing new hydrogen fuel cell incentive programs to bring fuel cell technology to motor vehicles and to provide on-site energy production
  • Doubling the amount of research, development and deployment of hydrogen fuel cells to power cars and trucks

I also supported the Gasoline for America’s Security Act (H.R. 3893) to expedite the construction of new refineries in the United States.  A step absolutely necessary to help ease the strain of high gas prices.