Operatives working for the Tom White campaign and other Democrat-backed groups who shadow U.S. Rep. Lee Terry at public events are stalking the congressman's wife and scaring their young children with intrusive, in-your-face video taping, Terry's campaign charged today.
Terry said the paid staffers, called "trackers," should immediately cease their over-the-top tactics.
"The trackers’ actions are over the line and I am calling them out on it now.  They can tape me all they want—but lay off my wife and kids. These Chicago-style intimidation tactics are not the Nebraska way,” Terry said.   
The stepped-up intrusive acts are the result of a new initiative by the Democratic National Committee to encourage campaign operatives to engage in "gotcha" videotaping by submitting their clips for posting on the DNC web site.
Terry's campaign said the behavior of White’s trackers has become increasingly obnoxious and unethical in recent weeks.
At the Juneteenth Parade in North Omaha (June 19) a White campaign tracker was within five feet of Terry taping his personal conversations with residents along the parade route.  The tracker refused to cease her intrusive activities even when several residents specifically stated they did not want their conversations taped. 
At an anti-tanning tax rally in Lincoln (July 1), the congressman's wife was accosted, followed and videotaped by a White campaign tracker despite her repeated request to be left alone.  Mrs. Terry was attending the rally as a private citizen. 
Finally, at a taxpayer's rally last Saturday in Omaha, three Democrat-paid trackers stood in front of the audience taping Terry's comments even though numerous individuals asked them to sit down and stop obstructing their views.  The trackers refused to do so and continued standing during the entire time Terry spoke to the crowd. 
Up to three paid Democrat trackers typically follow Terry around videotaping him at public events.  They are associated with the White for Congress campaign, the Nebraska Democratic Party and the liberal "Bold Nebraska" group. 
The Terry for Congress campaign does not maintain the services of a paid tracker, said David Boomer, the campaign's manager.
"We put our time and effort into contacting voters—not harassing a candidate's wife and scaring his children," Boomer said. 



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