CQ moves NE2 from ‘Lean’ Republican to ‘Likely’ Republican

Congressional Quarterly, a widely respected organization that follows developments in Congress and political races, has upgraded U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s chances of winning re-election this November.

This weekend, CQ released its latest ratings in all 435 U.S. House races. They moved Terry’s race from “Lean” Republican to “Likely” Republican. In all, the ratings moved an additional 17 seats further into the Republican column.

The move toward Terry comes less than a week after he won 63 percent of the vote in the May 11 Republican primary, and four days since challenger Matt Sakalosky stepped forward to enthusiastically endorse the congressman’s re-election.

“We are obviously pleased that this latest rating reflects the fact that Congressman Terry has emerged from the primary with a unified Republican party,” said David Boomer, Terry campaign manager. “We will continue to work hard and take nothing for granted this cycle.”

In their analysis of the NE2 race, CQ stated: “Omaha–area Democrats hoped to continue the momentum they built in 2008, a year in which Obama narrowly carried this district and businessman Jim Esch held Terry to 52 percent, the low point in his six House victories. The challenging party went all out with its successful recruitment of State Senator Tom White, who had been thinking about running for Governor, who is relatively well-funded for this year’s election. But with the national Democratic party facing fights to hold onto dozens of seats targeted by Republicans, it’s hard to envision how they could go all out for this one.”

CQ rates each Republican race in one of five categories: lean Democrat, toss-up, lean Republican, likely Republican and safe Republican.

The Republican ticket this year will be led by Gov. Dave Heineman and U.S. Rep. Lee Terry. This past Saturday, U.S. Senator Ben Nelson stated: “If there is an anti-incumbency backlash, I don’t think it is showing in any material way in state races.”

(“Voters stressed by economy, Durbin says,” Omaha World-Herald, by Robynn Tysver, May 16, 2010)


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