Tom White’s worst nightmare comes true:


Matt Sakalosky, a conservative Republican who captured 36 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s Republican congressional primary, today closed ranks with his former opponent and enthusiastically endorsed U.S. Rep. Lee Terry for re-election in this fall’s contest.

“My campaign was never a personal one against Lee Terry. It was based on the issues that I feel very deeply about such as the ballooning federal debt and out-of-control federal spending. The voters face a very clear choice now—a choice between a conservative, Lee Terry, and a liberal Democrat, Tom White, who supports trillions in new spending on the federal stimulus and government-run health care programs. Our nation cannot afford liberal politicians like Tom White.

“I am enthusiastically supporting Congressman Lee Terry today. I will vote for him in November and I will ask all of my supporters to do the same,” Sakalosky said.

Terry said he was “delighted” to have Sakalosky’s support. “I congratulate Matt on his campaign and for bringing new people and energy into the Republican party. Matt is a solid guy who has a great future in our party. I value his endorsement today and look forward to having his involvement with our campaign this year, Terry said.

The unity being displayed today on the Republican side is “Tom White’s worst nightmare,” Terry said. The Democratic nominee is counting on the Republican party to emerge from the primary fractured and divided. “The opposite is the case—we are unified and energized about keeping this seat and having the Second District play a role in bringing balance back to Washington, D.C.,” Terry said.

Official statistics show that 28,968 Republicans cast ballot in the Second District, dwarfing the 12,288 Democratic voters who did so.


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