February 2, 2012


U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s campaign has raised $791,575 in 2011 and enters the election year with

$435,959 in cash on hand.


Terry’s campaign filed a report recently with the Federal Election Commission reporting the



For the final quarter of the year, Terry’s campaign raised $236,249.


“We have met all of our fundraising goals for 2011 and believe we will continue to do so this

year,” said Dave Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager. “The donations we have received will

enable us to run a full campaign that reaches all voters in the second district multiple times

throughout the year.”


Terry’s Republican opponents filed similar reports that show a combined cash-on-hand number

of $21,992 between the two of them.


The two Democratic candidates, meanwhile, are far behind the fundraising pace set last cycle by

state Senator Tom White, who lost to Terry by 21 percent in the November 2010 election.


At the same point in the 2010 race, White raised $384,000 and had $343,000 in cash on hand.

The two Democratic candidates together have raised $145,375 and report $79,233 in the bank.


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