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Congressman Terry understands the City of Omaha is a major center for telecommunications services. Tens of thousands of jobs—and billions of dollars in economic activity—are dependent on this sector of the local Omaha economy. Here are several of Lee’s priorities in this key area:

  • SPAM (S. 877) -gives parents and children strong protection against unwanted, and often pornographic, e-mails. The legislation also outlaws false and fraudulent subject lines in e-mails. It also gives consumers the right to opt-out of all unwanted and unsolicited commercial e-mail by requiring a valid return e-mail address. Federal prosecutors will now have the authority to seek prison terms of up to five years, and fines and damages of up to $2 million, (up to $6 million in fines for repeat offenders).
  • Universal Service Fund (H.R. 1582) -Congressman Terry introduced this legislation on April 10, 2003 because of inequities that exist in the distribution of financial support from the Federal Universal Service Fund ("FUSF"). Today, 73 members of both parties agree that there is a problem with the way the Non-Rural High Cost Carrier Fund ("NRHCCF") is distributed and that it needs to be fixed. Currently, only eight states receive support under the present FUSF formula.
  • Do-Not-Call (H.R. 3161) - Congressman Terry was one of eight Members who voted against the bill. He did so for a simple reason: it will cost jobs in the Omaha area. (At least forty businesses employ about 39,000 people in the telecommunications and telemarketing field.)

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