Out of control federal spending and $13 trillion debt are at issue


August 24, 2010

The Terry for Congress campaign is broadcasting a thirty second television ad that focuses on the congressman’s opposition to last year’s stimulus bill and pork barrel spending contained in the budget.

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry, speaking directly to the voters, also takes direct aim at the $13 trillion national debt and calls it “an outrage.” The debt equals $42,000 a person according to the U.S. Debt Clock.

“Everywhere I go I hear the same concern—that the nation’s current economic path and debt is not sustainable. The voters are right about this—we need a complete break from the current economic policies that are leading us to disaster,” Terry said.

Here is the text of the ad that Terry narrates:

Thirteen trillion dollars. That’s our debt right now. That’s 42 thousand dollars per person. It’s an outrage.

In Nebraska, we understand you don’t borrow what you can’t pay for.

That’s why I opposed the trillion dollar stimulus that stimulated more government. And why I supported cutting the pork the big spenders added to the budget.

I’m Lee Terry and I approved this message because we need some Nebraska common sense in Congress.

David Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager, said the television buy is a “solid one” that is airing on broadcast and cable stations.

Terry’s opponent supports his party’s economic program, which has increased the national debt from $10 trillion to $13 trillion in just 18 months.

The ad can be viewed at Terry’s web page (



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