Sen. Mike Johanns:


October 8, 2010

The Terry for Congress campaign is airing a 30-second commercial that has U.S. Senator Mike Johanns directly calling out a new negative attack ad from Terry’s opponent.

Johanns calls the attack ad by the Tom White campaign “politics of the very worst kind.” He also asks White to get back to discussing the issues.

Johanns points out that White supported the $800 billion stimulus program and the government takeover of healthcare—the two top priorities of liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Terry opposed both initiatives, Johanns adds.

White’s ad regurgitates a discredited gossip column item on Terry from last summer, an issue Johanns equates to “trash in the gutter.” The following is the audio of the ad.

(Sen. Mike Johanns) Tom White’s ad is a false and disgraceful attack on Lee Terry and his family.

It’s politics at its worst.

Let’s debate the issues. Tom White supported Nancy Pelosi’s 800 billion dollar stimulus. He supported the government takeover of healthcare that cuts Medicare and raises taxes.

Lee Terry joined me in opposing these ideas.

Tom, leave the trash in the gutter and start talking issues.

(Terry) I‘m Lee Terry and I approved this message.

“Sen. Johanns is widely respected by the people of Nebraska. The ad by the White campaign is sleazy and constitutes, as the senator stated, ‘trash in the gutter.’ Mr. White knows he is losing this race and that’s why he has resorted to this disgraceful ad,” said David Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager.



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