Terry, White rake in cash for race

Terry leads White in fundraising

Published Friday July 16, 2010: By Joseph Morton, OMAHA WORLD-HERALD

WASHINGTON — The campaign fundraising battle continues in what should be Nebraska’s marquee race this fall.

Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb., has socked away more in campaign funds than he ever has by this point in an election cycle — with $787,044 in the bank, according to Federal Election Commission reports filed this week. He’s raised $272,133 since April 22.

Democratic challenger Tom White, a state senator from Omaha, has raised $118,815 since April 22 and now has $532,333 in the bank. The White campaign also reported $54,536 in debt, most of which is a year-old loan that White made to the campaign.

Terry campaign manager David Boomer said the money Terry has in-hand positions him well for a full-court press of mailings, TV ads and radio spots.

Boomer also said the numbers show the congressman has the momentum — with his fundraising on the upswing, more new donors than White in recent months and a widening gap between the two campaigns’ cash on hand.

As the campaigns prepare to enter the final 100 days, Boomer said White’s campaign is “stalling.”

White campaign manager Ian Russell disagreed, calling White’s fundraising impressive and saying the senator never expected to raise more money than Terry, a six-term incumbent.

Russell said White is on track to reach his goal of raising more than a million dollars, which White has said should be enough to wage an effective campaign.

Russell also said White came close to matching Terry in the amount of money raised from individuals — that Terry’s overall fundraising edge was boosted by substantial contributions from political action committees.

Republican leaders reportedly urged corporate PACs last month to donate to the nine incumbents they identified as vulnerable — a group that included Terry.

“Terry’s gaining momentum in Washington, D.C., because he’s opposing financial reform and (Minority Leader) John Boehner is holding special events for him,” Russell said.

The general election is Nov. 2.

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