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October 20, 2010

The Terry for Congress campaign has released a new 30-second ad that responds to the latest “whopper” from Tom White’s campaign, this time on Social Security.

“It never fails. When a Democratic candidate is losing, they throw the ‘Scare Seniors Hail Mary’ pass. This one, like others from the White campaign, is incomplete and just falls out of bounds,” said David Boomer, U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s campaign manager.

White’s campaign ad makes the false claim that Terry supports investing Social Security funds in the stock market. But White himself knows this charge is false—both candidates were present at an August 15, 2010, event honoring Social Security sponsored by AARP Nebraska. The Omaha World-Herald reported on the event and stated: “On Saturday, the six-term congressman signed a pledge that he would not support any effort to privatize the government-run Social Security ‘in whole or in part.’” (Omaha World-Herald, story by Robyn Tysver, August 18, 2010)

Terry’s ad rebuts the false White lie and shows that it is White, not Terry, who endangers Medicare, a program vital to the health and well-being of our nation’s seniors. The Omaha World-Herald article also stated that the new federal healthcare law “is expected to cut $500 billion from Medicare…” and quoted Terry saying “. . . the $500 billion cut from Medicare is going to end up being actual medical cuts for seniors—and maybe even longer waits to see a doctor.” Tom White supports the healthcare law that cuts Medicare by $500 billion.

The following is the text of the ad:

(Narrator) Tom White’s ad is not just a little White lie—it’s a White whopper.

The truth is Lee Terry opposes privatizing Social Security. It’s White who would jeopardize Social Security with massive wasteful spending.

Yet White Supports Obamacare, which raids Medicare by 500 billion dollars. These cuts will result in fewer doctors available to treat seniors.

Seniors: beware of Tom White’s bad medicine.

(Terry): I’m Lee Terry and I approve this message.

Boomer said the ad will have a substantial airing on broadcast and cable stations.



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