Momentum Builds for Terry Campaign: Pro-Life and Taxpayer Groups Weigh In

April 30, 2012  

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry has been endorsed by a leading pro-life group in the Omaha area and has been deemed a “fiscally conservative candidate” by a respected taxpayer watchdog group.  

Nebraskans United for Life (NUFL) has included Terry on their list of endorsed candidates for the May 15 primary.  

Anne Marie Bowen, president of NUFL, said Terry “has always been accessible to us and listens to our concerns on important pro-life issues.”    

NUFL is a longstanding and active pro-life organization in the metropolitan Omaha area.   

Meanwhile, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, has issued their own voting guide that lists Terry as a “suggested fiscally conservative candidate”.  

Terry is the sole candidate to receive this designation in the Republican race for Congress in the 2nd district.   

Doug Kagan, president of NTF, said Terry “has always been willing to make the tough votes to reduce spending.  Many candidates talk about cutting spending, but Congressman Terry has actually done it."    NTF has given Terry an “A” grade for his voting record in the past.   

Official records show that Terry has voted 157 times over the past three years to cut spending on bills that came to the floor of the House.  Had the Senate not blocked some of the bigger items, Terry’s votes would mean we would be spending $7 trillion less than currently planned over ten years.   

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