Terry makes case on House floor--Where’s Tom White on the issue?


U.S. Rep. Lee Terry sided with the nation’s taxpayers last Friday in speaking against a bill on the House floor that adds $54 billion to the federal debt over the next decade.  


Terry told his colleagues the bill, H.R. 4213, is a “job killer” that will hurt businesses in places like Omaha, Nebr.  It provides additional spending for a number of programs and raises taxes on businesses and entrepreneurs.


“I stood up Friday and voted against piling billions of new debt on families and taxpayers.  My opponent, meanwhile, seems to be scared of taking a stand on the legislation,” Terry said. 


Only about one-half of the bill’s $113 billion cost is paid for, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


Terry said that although the bill contained some good provisions, he voted against it because it was not paid for.  “I am not going to vote to saddle our families with an additional $54 billion in debt,” he said.    


Terry said the legislation could make clear the differences between the two Second congressional district candidates on the issue of federal spending.


“Mr. White has stated recently that he is ‘more fiscally conservative’ than me.   (“White takes on Terry’s fiscal record,” The Associated Press, Margery Beck, May 12, 2010)  Well, let’s see about that.  I took a stand and voted against a bill that increases the debt by $54 billion,” Terry said.  “What would Mr. White have done?  He needs to take a stand,” Terry said.


Legislators like Terry and the congressional “Blue Dogs,” a group of moderate and conservative Democrats, helped reduce H.R. 4213’s original $188 billion cost.  





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