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Gun Rights

As a supporter of the Second Amendment, Congressman Terry has continually worked to balance the need of keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals and unsupervised children while working to protect an individual’s right to keep and own a gun. Several of Congressman Terry’s actions in this area follow.

  • Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (H.R. 1036), that would protect the gun industry from frivolous lawsuits without curtailing traditional product liability lawsuits where actual manufacturing negligence caused harm.
  • The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act (H.R. 3125), that prohibits funds given to the United Nations (U.N.) from being used for the promotion of any agreement, treaty, or other, document or action that could undermine the Second Amendment rights of any American citizen. The legislation also includes a sense of Congress that condemns any proposal to tax or otherwise limit Second Amendment rights.

The Second Amendment is the ultimate safeguard against tyranny and terror, and Congressman Terry has worked hard to protect your right to own and use a firearm. Especially during these challenging times, this right is indispensable to maintaining the freedom and safety of Americans.

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