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Congressman Terry is taking a leadership role as a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to develop new ways to make the United States energy independent. He believes our continuing—and accelerated—dependence on foreign oil is a danger to our nation’s future.
Prompt action in Congress is essential to solving the energy crisis in this country.

Lee Terry played a major role in helping craft the energy bill now pending in Congress - the nation's first meaningful energy legislation in more than decade. The bill will:

  • Increase the use of stationary fuel cells, micro-turbines, and other on-site energy generation.
  • Authorize more funding for renewable energy research and development, such as biopower energy systems, biofuels and bio-based products.
  • Boost the use of biomass, wind, solar, and geothermal energies and increase funds for the “Clean Cities” programs, to provide grants to state and local governments to acquire alternative fueled and fuel cell vehicle.
  • Increase energy efficiency and conservation, encouraging the use of Energy-Star-qualified building materials, and heating and cooling systems.
  • Modernize the electric grid by bringing new investment, mandating new reliability standards, and streamlining transmission siting rules.

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