September 30, 2010

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s campaign is airing a new 30-second ad that shows opponent Tom White’s hypocrisy on the issue of legislative pay raises.

White’s latest ad calls for Congress to freeze and cut its pay but ignores the fact that White himself voted for a bill in 2007 that could have raised pay 83 percent.

“You can’t accuse someone of raising pay when you’ve done that yourself,” said David Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager. “Mr. White’s ad displays his hypocrisy on this issue. Moreover, the accusation against Congressman Terry is false.”

Terry has been a strong advocate for freezing congressional pay at current levels. (H.R. 5146, April 27, 2010, vote #226) His opponent supported a bill to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot that increases legislator pay from $12,000 to $22,000—an 83 percent increase. (LR 1CA, May 30, 2007)

Here is the text of the ad.

Terry: A pay raise for politicians. That’s another difference between Tom White and me.

I cosponsored the “Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act,” which would freeze congressional pay because Congress doesn’t deserve a raise.

Tom White voted to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot that nearly doubles the pay for state legislators.

We deserve better. I’m Lee Terry and I approved this message because enough is enough.

Boomer said the new ad has a substantial rotation on broadcast and cable stations.



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