Key vote this week could show voters which candidate will cut spending


U.S. Rep. Lee Terry today said he sided with the nation’s taxpayers in opposing a bill Thursday that adds $34 billion to the federal debt.

Terry called on his opponent, Tom White, to state categorically how he would have voted on the same legislation (H.R. 5618). The bill provides $34 billion in federal payments to states for extended unemployment benefits.

“The people of the second district are entitled to a representative who gives them straight talk, not double talk,” Terry said. “The most important issue facing our country is the spiraling budget deficit and national debt. Although I understand the need to provide assistance to the unemployed, it must be paid for. I will not saddle our families with an additional $34 billion in debt.”

Terry said the legislation could crystallize the differences between the two candidates on the issue of federal spending.

“Mr. White has stated recently that he is ‘more fiscally conservative’ than me. (“White takes on Terry’s fiscal record,” The Associated Press, Margery Beck, May 12, 2010) Well, let’s see about that. I am opposing a bill that increases the budget deficit by $34 billion. The voters have a right to know Mr. White’s position on this matter,” Terry said

Terry’s opponent is on record as supporting $2 trillion more in federal spending through the federal stimulus and healthcare reform laws. Terry opposed both initiatives.

“I guess you could say the difference between us is $2 trillion,” Terry said.

The House passed the bill Thursday and could be taken up by the Senate when they reconvene after the July 4 recess.




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