September 7, 2010

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s new 30-second television ad features the congressman talking directly to voters about the fact that he voted against the failed stimulus program and government run healthcare law, initiatives that cost two trillion dollars, while his opponent supports them.

“Two trillion dollars. That’s the difference between Tom White and me,” Terry says in the ad.

“Everywhere I go people tell me they want spending and the debt reduced. That’s my record. My opponent, on the other hand, only offers more of the same failed economic policies. I opposed the two trillion in new spending and debt—my opponent supports it,” Terry said.

The federal government announced Friday that the nation lost another 54,000 jobs in August as the unemployment rate increased to 9.6 percent. Yet, the $814 billion stimulus program has stimulated only government spending, Terry says in the ad. The healthcare reform law will cost $1.2 trillion in new spending, tax increases and Medicare cuts through fiscal 2017.

The new ad is being aired on broadcast and cable stations at a “substantial rate,” according to Terry’s campaign manager, David Boomer. Here is the text of the ad:

Two trillion dollars. That’s the difference between Tom White and me.

I voted against spending two trillion dollars on the failed stimulus and government run healthcare. Tom White supported those bills.

White doesn’t say how he would pay the two trillion, but we know it’s higher taxes and more debt. We deserve better.

I’ve always opposed wasteful spending—it’s Nebraska common sense.

I’m Lee Terry and I approved this message.




The stimulus program cost is $814 billion. Source: The Hartford Courant, news story, page A7, September 5, 2010. The healthcare reform law cost is $1.2 billion through fiscal 2017. Source: “The Real Price of the Senate Health Bill,” op-ed, The Wall Street Journal, December 24, 2009.


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