New Terry campaign ad:



October 8, 2010

The Terry for Congress campaign has launched a new 30-second television ad that shows residents of the Second district talking in their own words about the good work U.S. Rep. Lee Terry is doing in Congress.

The testimonials speak to Terry’s accessibility to district residents, his honesty and integrity, his hard work and the fact that Terry gets things done. The following is the text of the ad with identification of each speaker.

Richard Carter: Lee Terry listens.
Melanee Wilhelm: He cares.
Luis Guzman: Lee Terry’s a great guy.
Carter: He’s one of us.
Carl Brooks: I would consider him one of the most bipartisan members of Congress that I have ever seen.
Melanee: He’s really accessible. You can talk to him about anything.
Guzman: He cares about people.
Brooks: Very accessible, very down to earth.
Carter: He gets a lot done.
Melanee: Gets a lot done.
Luis: I like Lee Terry.
Carter: He’s a good man.
Melanee: Pretty easy. I’m voting for Congressman Lee Terry.
Guzman: I’m voting for Lee Terry.
Carter: I’m voting for Lee Terry.
Brooks: My vote goes to Lee Terry.
Lee Terry: I’m Lee Terry and I approved this message.

David Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager, said the ad will have a high penetration in
the Omaha-area television market.



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